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Designer Dragon is a rules light TTRPG system designed for and by kids. It allows you to play quick and easy games with those who might not be ready for more advanced RPG systems, and though it's primarily designed for kids, the rules presented here can also be used for groups less familiar with tabletop roleplaying systems! All that's needed is a few D6s, this book and an imagination! Designer Dragon also has its own character sheets, which are available for download separetely so you can print one off for each of your players.

Designer Dragon uses a 2d6 system with only a handful of rules that mainly serve to guide the collaborative storytelling. Easily accessible and with a simple character creation system, you can have a game up and running in only a few minutes!


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I love this game's main mechanic! It's simple and elegant, while still allowing characters to specialize in a way that sets them apart from each other. Setting the default DC low helps make players feel powerful when they use their characters' specialties, while still giving an untrained character a decent chance at success. It seems great for introducing new players to roleplaying, too.

If I had any complaints, it would be the use of HP for monsters. Some action types seem like they would deplete HP (Fight), and some don't (the examples for Sneaky and Knowledge), and the book doesn't give the GM any guidelines for what to do if a move doesn't deplete HP. I can imagine an alternative system with something like "this monster takes 5 successful rolls to defeat" instead.


Hi there! Thank you so much for your kind words, and even more so for your feedback! You're absolutely right that this is a bit vague in the rules, so it's something we might look into errata'ing in - or at the very least offering more guidance on.